Charlie (Chuck)

Adoption in Progress


Male, 9 months, bully X, 50 lbs

Chuck is a total goofball that loves to play and snuggle and squeak his toys. He gets along very well with our grumpy older dog and knows when to back off after being snapped at. We’re working on his commands like sit, laydown and he almost has ‘shake’ figured out. He loves treats and hanging out in the kitchen when we’re cooking but isn’t interested in our meals at dinner time, just wants to be a part of the action. He is a big boy and can reach things on the counter but is quickly learning what ‘No!’ means. His walking on leash skills is getting better, but he’s a strong boy and can pull hard. He’s not shown an ounce of aggression, but does love to chase; bicycles, motorcycles, joggers and cats! We have an older dog savvy cat that he is obsessed with, hasn’t been aggressive with her but the obsession isn’t going away, I think a cat free home would be best. He sleeps well in his kennel every night and doesn’t make a peep, but I know he’d prefer to sleep in bed with us. Also does well in the car, either looks out the window or curls up to sleep. He’s a big puppy still so chewing shoes, pillows and even a mouthguard have been fun for him. When Chuck gets excited/submissive he pees (which is common for puppies) and has had a couple accidents in the house. We work from home so he’s getting regular pee breaks but I’m sure over time he’ll get the hang of it. I think Chuck would do best in a home with another dog because he loves to play, or with a family with older children.

Chuck is being fostered in Calgary.

Adoption costs: $600.00