Female, 1 year, miniature pinscher X, 30 lbs

Rosie is a very sensitive and scared little girl who is still trying to adjust to her new life in Canada. She can be selective in her people and does not bond with everyone. When she chooses her person to bond with, she is very sweet and loving. She is looking for an adopter who can be very patient with her while she adjusts to her new life. She can bark or growl when she is startled or if a new person approaches her that she doesn’t trust. Gaining her trust is going to take some time but we have full confidence this girl will become a wonderful dog once she learns how to trust and that the world doesn’t have to be so scary.

She is highly food motivated and will bond by hand feeding. She loves her toys and wants to play all day. She needs a secure back yard to run around in. She has had a few accidents, but if she is taken outside on a schedule, she does not have accidents in the house.

Rosie needs to be on the only pet in the house and she needs a home without small children.

She will stay in her crate if her person is around. If she is left alone in the crate she gets upset and barks but calms down eventually. She does have separation anxiety and gets upset if her person is not around.

She is a very active loving dog once she learns she can trust someone.

Rosie is being fostered in Calgary.

Adoption costs: $600.00