Male, 9 months, hound X, 25 lbs

Meet Jedi! This handsome boy is still very much a puppy and is slowly learning how to live his new life in Canada. Jedi loves consistency and routine. He loves his kennel and mealtime and would benefit from a dog companion in his new home. He lives to chew on toys and things he thinks are chew toys and he loves being in his yard. Jedi is a young boy with a lot of energy, however at the moment he is still afraid of going for walks. Because of this, he needs a home with a fenced yard so he can get exercise. Jedi doesn’t like sudden loud noises or strangers. He is also not fond of children right now, as they can be loud and unpredictable, and he is anxious about this. Jedi loves his space and he will come to you on his own terms when he is ready. He will need an adoptive home that can give him this space he needs and not force him. He gets overstimulated in the general public still and will still require work and patience. He is such a sweet boy once he gets used to you and will come to you for love and pets on his own terms.

Jedi is being fostered in Calgary.

Adoption costs: $600.00