Foster Home Needed


Age: 2 years
Sex: Neutered male
Estimated Breed: Bully X
Weight: 60 lbs
Good with dogs?: Yes with proper introductions
Good with cats?: No
Good with children?: No
Special/Medical Needs: No
Energy Level: High

Adoption Fee: $650

Duke is an incredible dog, He's a fantastic example of 'man's best friend'. Duke is unbelievably loveable, and unwaveringly devoted to his handler. He's just over one years old, so has tons of energy. He absolutely loves anything athletic, and requires a home that is definitely devoted to exercising him. Duke is also very inquisitive, and really enjoys intellectual games. He requires both sensory and physical exposure daily. If Duke does not get an adequate amount of energy expenditure, no worries! He'll find something on his own to play with, which is usually a throw pillow, or a sneaker left lying around (and nobody wants that!). When Duke is left alone, he whimpers for a few moments, then lays down and is quiet. He does not bark inside the house, and seldom barks outside, unless he's very excited. Duke can be left alone for about 6 hours, anything additional, his new owner should ensure he will be exercised prior to departure, and has a bone or two to keep him busy. Because he is a natural born athlete, cats and small rodent type animals are definitely a no go. He'll drive them crazy trying to chase them! Duke very much enjoys a pack. He enjoys the company of other dogs, but prefers females of a similar size and stature. Duke does get along with male dogs, if properly introduced, and responds well to multiple meetings of the same dog. Although Duke likes to chase small animals, he can differentiate between small animals, and other dogs; Duke does not chase small dogs in the same way. Because Duke is so strong, and still understanding his size and strength, no minors should be present in his new home. Duke is house trained, and an absolute joy to walk on a leash. Very minimal pulling. Also enjoys car rides.

Duke needs an owner with a strong energy, and a pack leader. Someone that is devoted to consistency. Because of Duke's level of strength, power, and devotion to his owner, he requires a mature, ethical, and experienced dog owner. Duke will do anything to please his owner, his love and compassion for his pack runs very deep. He will follow you until the ends of the earth!

Also to note about Duke:

Treat/Resource Guarding - Duke has shown some treat guarding and this is something to watch out for as he can be reactive.

Separation Anxiety - Duke does have separation anxiety and should not be left alone as he will get into things. He has damaged furniture/personal items and in result has had to be kennelled every time we leave the house. A dog of his size should not be kennelled majority of the day, and so he should be in a home where he either has someone home most of the time or has another dog companion to keep him company.
He will bark when you leave, and if in an apartment will bark at noise/people passing by.

Energy Level - Duke has a very, very high energy level. He is not suited to an apartment and should be in a home with a big yard for him to run in. If he is in an apartment, another dog companion is necessary to keep him occupied. He does not like to self-entertain, and although we have tried using interactive games/toys he simply just enjoys human play or playing with other dogs the most. Duke does not like to be unoccupied, and will try to instigate play with you any chance he get, which may not be good for those working from home/have a busy home schedule as it is very distracting. When Duke is very excited, he will jump and can be difficult to calm down. If he is bored, he does try and nip at you unexpectedly to get your attention.

Stubborn/Food Motivated - Due to his breed and personality, Duke can be very stubborn and will listen best if there is a reward for him in the end. His attention span varies and is best with food involved.

Children - Duke loves to play rough, and due to this should not be around children. His play habits can be too much for an adult even, and he needs a home that is dedicated to continuously working on this with him.

Other dogs - Duke does best with female dogs of similar size and stature. We have noticed reactivity with other dogs, especially males around the same size as him.

Very high prey drive - Duke has a very high prey drive when it comes to rodent like animals. As he is very strong/powerful, he will do anything in his power to chase the animal and this can catch you off guard, resulting in an unpleasant walking experience. Dukes next foster should be very mindful of this every time they go walking. He also likes to chase skateboards, roller blades, bikes, motorbikes etc. anything going fast that looks fun to chase.

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