Helen (Nacho)



Female, 1 year, mixed breed, 28 lbs

Nacho girl is a young, spayed cutie who’s approximately 1 year of age. She is 16” at the shoulder and weighs 28 lbs with a beautiful velvety non-shedding coat. She is a little bit reserved when first meeting strangers but the key to winning her over is food! She loves her treats.

Nacho is still very puppylike in her mannerism (mouthy, playful, chews, short attention span). Her housetraining is coming along but she will still have occasional accidents. She enjoys going on walks and sometimes needs encouragement to keep walking because she likes to take her time sniffing everything!

She loves her foster mom and gets super excited and wiggles her whole body as she shakes her tail. She is super cute when you talk to her with her big ears and her wiggly bum –which will surely put a smile on your face! Nacho girl can be sensitive to any corrections and is very in tune with your emotions.

Overall, she is good with cats and dogs and looks up to the confident dogs at her foster home. She probably would benefit from having a confident canine buddy in her new home. Her foster brothers have taught her how to bark so it is unknown whether she will be quiet enough to live in an apartment/condo setting. Overnight, she sleeps well in a crate next to her canine buddies’ crates. This little wiggle-worm loves her food and is not picky at all about eating and is very food motivated. She has been known to try to clean the cat litter boxes too. Nacho has just learned how much fun toys and nylabones can be—its likely she has never had toys before. She is also starting to enjoy car rides. Nacho will enthusiastically come when called, knows sit, and is learning some other basic obedience commands. Her foster mom is teaching her how to patiently wait and not bolt out the door.

Nacho would likely benefit from having a calm structured household. She would likely be good with older children and not a high activity household.

Helen (Nacho) is being fostered in Calgary.

Adoption costs: $600.00