Female, 8 months, blue heeler X, 27 lbs

Love is a sweet young dog who needs a home that will be patient with her. She is scared, under socialized, and has habits she has built around both these things. She will need someone very dog savvy, preferably familiar with the breed.

Love will excel in a home that is able to give her plenty of things to do. Hiking, sports and lots of exercise (both physical and mental) will be required to help her adjust to a new home and healthy lifestyle.

Being a puppy, she loves to play, and she loves her stuffies. She loves balls and playing catch.

Love is reactive on walks due to fear, and kids are not recommended for her foster home or furever home. She has a history of biting due to this fear. She has never been introduced to cats, but we do not recommend them. Her biting history is based around her natural instinct to herd (nipping at heels, etc.) and her new home will need to have no other animals (including dogs). A backyard would be ideal for her.

Love is just a sweet, young puppy, still trying to figure out this world and she will need someone with strong leadership and boundaries to show her how to successfully “dog.”

Adoption costs: $725.00