Female, 2 years, Lab X, 58 lbs

Hello! My name is Ebony but my foster parents have been calling me Ruby! I like that name so much I respond to it now! I also know the words: "No" and "Off".

I am a 2-year-old lab mix looking for my forever family!

My foster mom says I'm a super low-key pup who LOVES to snoodle on the couch - It's my favourite thing! I'm sleeping in my crate at night but if my foster mom would let me; I'd prefer to be in bed, snuggled!

I am learning some more leash manners. I walk really well on a leash when the distractions are limited or when there is a boulevard separating me from the street. I'm not the biggest fan of walks; because I HATE cars, especially trucks - they make so much noise and move so fast! My foster mom says I'm really smart, food-driven and I learn fast; so with some training, I'm sure I can overcome my fears fairly quickly! I'm not a fan of getting into a car but once I'm in I travel well.

I LOVE being outside in the yard. I am protective of my space and will let my people know by barking if there is someone walking by or at the door. I think I would prefer a tall fence so I can't see everything outside on the street so clearly. My foster mom has a 4-foot fence and I haven't tried to jump it... yet.

Did I mention that I'm a cuddle bug and I love to be with my people! I think my ideal situation is a FAMILY! I would be one with KIDS who are around all the time! I love kids! I play super gently so young kids are ok too! I LOVE KIDS! I'm also good with other dogs - I don't mind submitting to an alpha. I'm interested in cats but haven't had too much time with them yet. Bunnies are fun to chase!

I need some reassurance sometimes, but I am fully crate trained and know that my carte is my safe space and someone will always come back for me. My foster mom thinks I'm fully house trained but she hasn't left me unattended for long without crating me, yet. I haven't messed in the house - in fact, I will let you know when I need to go outside!

I am a bit of a thief - I will steal your favorite teddy bear (& possibly your heart) to snuggle on the couch!

Ebony is currently being fostered in Drumheller, AB.

Adoption costs: $600.00