Female, 1 year, bully X, 57 lbs

Dharma is an incredibly sweet dog. Dharma is great with other dogs as well as cats. Dharma likes food but is not terribly food motivated. She is very calm and hasn't been at all destructive in the house, nor has she had any accidents.

Dharma is shy and fearful of humans and is still learning that human touch is a good thing. She loves attention, and wants attention but she is still unsure of it. We are sure she will learn to love humans and be a total snuggle bug, she just needs some time and patience. Because she is fearful of humans, sudden movements by humans and loud noises frighten her. She will be fine in a house with children as long as younger children in the home understand she will need some time to get used to them. Dharma would be fine in a house with other dogs or cats.

Dharma is a tap dancer! When she gets excited, whether she is sitting or standing she tiptoes back and forth on her front paws, it's adorable!

Dharma does not like her crate, but she sleeps calmly and quietly in it at night.

Dharma is being fostered in Calgary.

Adoption costs: $600.00