Age: 1 year
Sex: Neutered male
Estimated Breed: Lab X
Weight: 32 lbs
Good with dogs?: Yes
Good with cats?: Unknown
Good with children?: Older children
Special/Medical Needs: No
Energy Level: Medium to High

Adoption Fee: $600

Location of Foster Home: Calgary

Oak is an affectionate pro-snuggler and a social butterfly. Oak is approximately 1 year old, and is a black lab mixed with a little something extra that makes him on the small side (a black lab that has been shrunk in the wash). Oak does not have the coat of a lab and would do well to continue to wear his stylish and warm coat throughout his first Calgary winter.

Outside, Oak loves to have his nose to the ground, sniffing as he walks. When Oak meets with his friends in his backyard, he loves to get the zoomies around the yard, but will quickly match the other dogs energy when they decide to take a break and part ways to sniff their surroundings. Oak is a lover, and when he meets a new dog for the first time, he tends to be submissive. Oak has become fast friends with every dog he has met, however, when he meets a new friend while on his leash, he can become very overexcited and tends to jump up. Oak is working on the concept of "down" as he does jump onto any new humans he meets (or hasn't seen for 20 minutes). Oak would find success in a home that is willing to take part in some manners/obedience classes in order for him to get more comfortable with greeting other dogs without too much excitement, and not jumping when he meets new people. Oak overall is high energy when he is with his dog friends, moderate energy when he is walking solo with his human, and low energy in the mornings and evenings when he is welcomed on the couch for snuggling time.

Oak has settled nicely into his routine of walks, downtime, playtime, and free time. During his free time around the house, he will follow you for your human activities, but when he gets bored, he will escort himself back to his play area where he will happily play with his chew toy or treat dispenser to keep himself occupied. Oak understands and appreciates his down time in his crate, and each time he goes in will let out a sigh before falling fast asleep (being a busy young pup is tiring!). Oak loves to be welcomed onto the couch for cuddles and likes to have any entering or exiting from his crate to be accompanied with a big hug. Hugging is one of Oak's favourite activities, and as mentioned, he will need some help in learning "down" in his forever home. Oak is equal parts snuggle-motivated and food-motivated, and so he will be easily trained as he aims to please.

Oak understands that he does his business outside, however Oak is still getting used to the idea that there is fresh water always available to him, so he will drink a bowl of water every time he returns from a walk, and we then will find Oak will need to go out again in 1.5 hours. Once he understands that fresh water will always be available to him, hopefully he will need less frequent breaks, but if Oak is in the house playing or napping for longer than 1.5 hours and either his humans snooze the 1.5 hour alarm, or Oak forgets to alert to go outside, he will have an accident in the house. Oak sleeps throughout the night and is not very vocal - no whining ever and very little barking (only when he needs to remind a dog friend to continue to chase him around the yard). Oak would do well in a household with an active and flexible schedule that can provide Oak plenty of activity, pee breaks, cuddles and dog socialization, in order to settle Oak into a routine in which he will thrive. He will do well with a continued routine and structured training so he can continue to adapt to his new life in Canada!

Note: Oak has never met a cat but he appears to enjoy the company of every moving thing he meets, however he does attempt to paw and jump on smaller dogs and there may be a little bit of that with a Cat meeting, and he would require slow and proper introductions to a cat roommate. Oak has met kids and loves the attention, however the jumping is still a problem with any size of kid.