Female, 1 year, chihuahua X, 14 lbs

Say hello to Lisa! A sweet young lady who is looking for her furever home. A little bit about her:
• Her hobbies include snuggling in your lap, playing with toys and her doggie brother, chewing her bully sticks, digging blanket beds and exploring.
• A few accidents in the house when she first arrived but she does well when taken out regularly. No accidents since she first arrived.
• VERY food motivated - she would likely benefit from a slow-feeding bowl until a later date (once she figures out she has access to food regularly).
• Does very well in the bathtub with peanut butter distractions.
• Is very friendly with adults. She has met kids aged 2 and 5 but was less herself around them. She would do well older kids or adults as she gets a little excited with treats and could accidentally nip young kids hands.
• She has not been tested with cats.
• She would do well in a home as the only dog as she can be protective of her person and gets jealous. She also protects her resources (treats, food, bully sticks).
• Needs time and proper introductions to other dogs - she has been living with two doggie brothers around the same size and has been doing well.
• She needs some space from other dogs on her walks at this time and is doing very well with kibble redirection.
• Her crate is set up in the dining room where she has been sleeping through the night - not a peep. Except during the day - she does cry if she’s in her crate (unless she’s tired) - she just wants to be around her people. She will shower you with kisses and wiggles in the morning.
• She will bark at other dogs out the window but is quiet in the house otherwise. She does cry when left in her crate and you’re leaving the house, but does not bark and eventually settles down.
• Does well on walks, but tends to pull sometimes. She would do well with a front-pulling harness.
• She’ll let you pick her up, no problem and let you put on her sweaters and leashes.
• Her new owners will need to provide her with a routine and some rules - she doesn’t hesitate to jump on the coffee table/couch/high dinner chairs, etc.
• Did very well at the groomers getting her nails trimmed.
• Does well in the car but does need to wear her seatbelt or be in a crate.

Overall, Lisa’s family or person will be very lucky to have such a sweet soul join them.

Lisa is being fostered in Airdrie.

Adoption costs: $600.00