Male, 2 years, chihuahua X

Aspen has been a wonderful boy ever since he came into my home. He such a kind soul!

Aspen gets along really great with my son (11 years old). I have not had him around younger children, but I do not see there being any issues. Aspen has very soft temperament

Aspen is fully house trained and even lets you know when he needs out to do his business. Aspen likes to bounce off your leg and then run to the back door to go out. He definitely knows what he wants and when he wants it. I do have a fully fenced yard and Aspen shows no signs of wanting to escape. He does like to let everyone know he is outside with a few barks but stops quite quickly and then runs around.

I have introduced Aspen to small dogs and large dogs on our walks and he is not reactive to any of them. I did have a few chihuahuas at my house and he didn't mind them being around at all either.

Aspen is not food aggressive. I do leave a bit of food in his bowl and he only eats when hungry. He has come a long way from when I got him as a bony little guy. He is starting to really fill out and I see his confidence coming back.

Aspen can be a bit of a rascal. If he is not watched or you forget to push in a chair he is more than happy to help you remember by getting on the table. These manners we are working on. Aspen is really good in the bath, not his favourite place to be, but he takes it like a champ and lets you wash him down. He does the towel rub down afterwards and of course the zoomies when it is all over.

Aspen walks good on a leash. I do still keep him on 2 leashes; 1 to the harness and 1 to the collar. Aspen is still building his confidence with trust and the leash. If he sees the leash he can start pulling back to get out of it. With a little encouragement and some distraction he continues with his walk quite easily. He is not a puller on the leash and is quite happy just walking along with you, with a bit more time he will be perfect

I have been working on the kennel training with Aspen, he is not a fan at all. I have left him out to run in the house when I am gone (2-3 hours) and he has not caused any damage to anything. He is quite the little gentleman in the house. He does like to go outside as soon as I get home. I let Aspen sleep with my son or myself. He does love his fuzzy blankets to curl up in. If for any reason he needs to go out during the night, Aspen will wake you up.

I can't say enough amazing things about little Aspen. He does love a good game of fetch with his tennis ball. He will do this all day with you. He brings it right back to you, once you say "please" he will give you the ball

I am so excited for this little gentleman to find his furever home.

Aspen is being fostered in Strathmore.

Adoption costs: $600.00