Age: 1 year
Sex: Neutered male
Estimated Breed: Bull terrier X
Weight: 36 lbs
Good with cats?: No
Good with dogs: Yes – with proper introductions
Good with children: Unknown
Special/Medical Needs: Anxiety and food aggression
Energy Level: High
Potty trained: Mostly – will have the occasional accident
House: Detached home only
Training: Will need a basic training course
Adopter: Experienced and active

Adoption Fee: $650

Location of Foster Home: Calgary.

Birch is a one-year-old puppy in a full-grown dog body. He was provided no training and now has annoying puppy habits that can be trained away but will take someone willing to put in the time to train him. He likes to chew your fingers like a puppy, does not have any basic commands and sometimes has an accident in the house.
Birch can be kenneled but he does not like it. He will whine and possibly bark while you are away, hence the detached home only. I leave him kenneled at night and he is fine.
Birch loves his people and just wants to be around them. He is very active and does well with toys and brain games. He loves to be outside running around. His favorite game is to chase his tail. Birch can also be super chill and snuggle up with his person on the couch as well.