Male, 1 year, pit bull X, 35 lbs

Hi, I’m Bamma! Aka Bam or BamBam. I am a young happy, excited and loving pupper! My people are always snuggling with me and telling me I’m such a sweet, good boy. I have the sad puppy eyes down to a science so I use it to my full advantage! I love the really tough chew toys that the people have gotten for me, and I will keep trying to chew them to pieces! I don’t mind my crate and as long as I get a treat I will go in there no problem and I don’t make a peep.

The grown up people and bigger young people in my house I love playing and relaxing with, but there is a smaller one that I still am not sure about and I get corrected a lot to not chase him and nip at him. I have also been learning how to give kisses instead of nibbling like I have been doing, and I like kisses a lot better!

I also have three other dogs in my house. One is big and older and I try not to mess with him. The other two I play with, one of them I play with a lot! I love playing with him but we can get a little rough so we have to stop playing while we calm down.

I get to go on a lot of walks and everything is so interesting! I want to sniff and investigate everything we come across!

I have also gone on a car ride or two, and once I find my spot in the car I love to settle in and enjoy the ride!

There are a few things I’m working on. I’m struggling with going outside to use the bathroom and once in a while I have an accident in my crate. I know I will get it soon!

Am I the pup that will join your home?

Bamma is being fostered in Calgary.

Adoption costs: $495.00