Age: 2 to 3 years
Sex: Neutered male
Estimated Breed: Poodle/terrier X
Weight: 14 lbs
Good with dogs?: Yes, calm dogs
Good with cats?: Unknown
Good with children?: No
Special/Medical Needs: Desmond has a medical/neurological issue affecting his mobility and bladder.
Energy Level: Medium

Adoption Fee: $650
Foster Home Location: Edmonton

The best way to describe Desmond is: “ridiculously adorable with some special needs.”

Desmond is a loving bundle of joy when he is in the correct home environment. He is prone to anxiety and has a history of fear-based barking and soiling. A quiet home with NO children, loud people or overly active larger dogs is a must in order for Desmond to be happy.

He has some mobility related issues causing him to have accidents in the house. He can also soil himself when startled or when overly excited. The good news is that it is manageable and he loves going on walks, so between a regular feeding/washroom schedule and belly bands, the accidents can be kept to minimum.

Desmond is a little shadow and loves his people unconditionally. He is very food motivated and enjoys playtime, car rides, long walks and cuddles. He especially loves cuddles and kisses.

Desmond tolerates other dogs, but doesn’t search out the company of the dogs in his foster home. He’s happier playing with humans and doesn’t snuggle up to the dogs.

We sometimes catch him barking out the window and although it’s not very often it is quite loud and persistent, so he’s better suited for a house.

We don’t know how he is with cats but on his walks, he’s more happy to approach a cat than another dog.

Since Desmond is fearful of certain people it is important he meets his potential adopters in person.