Norm (Nongcentral)

Incoming/Foster Home Found


Male, 3 years, Collie X, 18kg (39lbs)

When Nongcentral lived on the harsh streets of Thailand, he had no one to feed him or love him. Then life got even tougher because he was caught up in a terrible dog fight. Luckily a kind person alerted Soi Dog Foundation to his situation and a rescue team was able to rescue this young boy from a life of despair. When he arrived Nongcentral had a big, horrible, infected wound on his neck which was oozing with maggots. Living on the streets must have been brutal for this beautiful three-year-old boy. Nongcentral got the care and medical treatment he needed, and his horrible wound healed completely and his general condition has drastically improved. It is wonderful to know that Nongcentral will never again roam the scary streets of Thailand in fear and in pain as he will have the chance to find a forever home in Canada with the guidance of BARC’s rescue!!

Tail up and wagging when visitors enter the run, mouth open, body relaxed.
Approaches when called and can be touched.
Gets on with other dogs in the run.
Outside he explores confidently, and walks perfectly on the lead.
Ignores passing dogs when walking.
Tentative in some situations.

Medical info pending

Arriving from Soi Dog, Thailand Late November early December 2021

Adoption costs: $600.00