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Male, 3 years, Kelpie X, 23kg (50lbs)

The days of street dogs on Phuket Island are filled with danger from other stray dogs, cruel people and traffic congestion. Charcoal managed to cope with all these aspects of island life until the day he was badly injured after being hit by a car or scooter. A kind person contacted Soi Dog Foundation for help and a Rescue Team collected the injured dog and brought him back to the shelter for the treatment he desperately needed. Unfortunately Charcoal’s eye was badly injured and the vets were unable to save it. Charcoal has recovered well after treatment and is a healthy, happy little dog. He is ffriendly, interested in people and can’t wait to have a family of his own to love.

Approaches visitors to the run.
Jumps up and follows people around, tail up and wagging.
Walks confidently on the lead.
Not bothered by new environment, strange dogs or new people.

Medical Information for Charcoal: August 2021.
Charcoal is a sterilized male mixed breed dog who is about 3 years and 11 months old. He
was brought to Soi Dog Foundation’s shelter on 20 August 2020 following a road traffic
accident. Examination and radiography revealed that he had a ruptured right eye globe, left
hip luxation, pneumothorax, and a wound on the front of his head. Thoracocentesis was
performed to release the gas in the pleural space. Once Charcoal was stable, an operation
was performed to enucleate his right eye and repair his left hip luxation using a toggle pin
technique. Charcoal recovered fully after 2 months of post-operative treatment and was fully
weight bearing. Radiography revealed that the implants are in position.
19 January 2021 - Charcoal tested positive for the canine distemper virus (CDV) with
respiratory signs including an ocular discharge. After being given supportive treatment, closely
monitored and quarantined his Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test for CDV was negative
on 10 May 2021. Sometimes distemper survivors display neurological symptoms later in life
and with old age, but this is rare in cases like Charcoal as he did not have any neurological
symptoms during the active phase. Further complications like hardened pads and dental
issues are also not expected as a result of distemper in Charcoal's case.
16 August 2021 – The vet noted that Charcoal had right medical patellae luxation grade 1⁄4.
Medical treatment was not required at the time but may be necessary if the luxation progresses
and clinical signs become evident.
At present, Charcoal is a happy dog with a good blood profile. His hip radiography revealed
normal findings with the implants in position. Charcoal’s adopter is advised to ensure that he
maintains a normal body weight and does gentle exercise to avoid stressing his hip joint. It is
important that the adopter is alert for any signs of lameness or discomfort as, if Charcoal’s
implants loosen or become infected, hip osteoarthritis might develop and surgical removal of
the implants would be required. Should this occur Charcoal might require additional hip
procedures such as a femoral head and neck excision (FHNE) or total hip replacement as well
as medical treatment including non steroidal anti- inflammatory and joint support medication.
Regular health checks with the adopter are recommended.

Arriving from Soi Dog, Thailand Late November early December 2021

Adoption costs: $600.00