Tara (Tarnjew)

Incoming/Foster Home Found


Female, 1 year, Black Mouth Cur X, 14kg (30lbs)

Puppies born on the streets of Phuket Island are lucky to survive as many of them are abandoned shortly after birth. Tarnjew was one of these puppies when she was brought to one of Soi Dog’s mobile clinics by a kind person who noticed that she had some health issues. Soi medical team took little Tarnjew to Soi Dog’s shelter for treatment and she was finally given a safe, warm space with food and care. Tarnjew has grown into a sweet, friendly and affectionate little dog who is going to make a pawesome addition to a lucky family after she arrives in Canada.

Approaches visitors happily, tail wagging.
Calm, sweet and affectionate.
Outside she walked confidently around the lake, tail up and wagging.
New to walking on a lead, gets nervous around the hospital and construction area.
Gets on with other dogs.
Off lead not interested in toys, she prefers to explore the area.

Medical Information for Tarnjew: 25 August 2021.
Tarnjew is a sterilized female mixed breed dog whose estimated age is about 1 year and 2
months. She presented to Soi Dog Foundation's shelter on 17 October 2021 due to a
seizure from hypoglycemia and cachexia. She was given intensive care and closely
monitored. During her examination on entry the vet noted that she also had bilateral carpal
valgus deformity. While in our care at Soi Dog's shelter Tarnjew has never had a seizure
or displayed any concerning neurological signs.
28 December 2020 - Tarnjew tested positive for the canine distemper virus (CDV). Her
clinical signs were limited to her respiratory system. After being isolated for quarantine and
given supportive treatment, Tarnjew tested negative for CDV on a polymerase chain
reaction (PCR) test on 8th February 2021. Sometimes distemper survivors display
neurological symptoms later in life and with old age, but this is very rare in cases like
Tarnjew’s as she did not display any neurological symptoms during the active infection
phase. Further complications like hardened pads and dental issues are also not expected
as a result of her distemper.
19 February 2021 - Tarnjew tested positive for the canine parvovirus (CPV) on a PCR test
without clinical signs. The test was negative on 23 February 2021
11 June 2021 – Tarnjew was diagnosed with subclinical cystitis. She was treated with
antibiotics and given supportive care
At presented, Tarnjew is a happy dog. The ideal treatment for Tarnjew’s carpal valgus
condition in both forelimbs is surgery to correct the angle. However, this procedure is
impossible at Soi Dog’s shelter as it needs to be done by an orthopedic specialist.
Currently Tarnjew is completely weight bearing on both forelimbs without any signs of pain
or lameness. Tarnjew’s cystitis could reoccur so if any signs of blood or discomfort are
observed while urinating, please take her to the vet immediately. Regular health checks with the adopter's vet are also recommended.

Arriving from Soi Dog, Thailand Late November early December 2021

Adoption costs: $600.00