Incoming/Foster Home Found


Female, 7 years, Poodle X, 7.8kg (17lbs)

The impact of the COVID pandemic on pet owners in Thailand has been devastating. Many of them are no longer able to look after their furry family members due to a change in circumstances - this was seven year old Lovinga’s situation in January 2021. A kind person found her, abandoned, in a small house on a palm farm and realized she needed medical care and help. It would have been difficult for such a small, older dog to survive on the streets so she brought Lovinga to Soi Dog Foundation’s shelter where she was given the treatment she desperately needed. Lovinga is a little tentative when first meeting people but laps up attention once she gets used to them. She has poor vision due to a cataract so is uncertain in strange places. She can’t wait to find her forever family and spend her golden years as a Canadian canine.

Approaches visitors after a while, welcomes them vocally.
Friendly when approached and enjoys touch, leans in, lays down, gentle.
Gets on with other dogs.

Medical Information for Lovinga: 6 July 2021.
Lovinga is a female mixed breed dog whose estimated age is around 7 years and 6
months. She presented to the Soi Dog Foundation on 22 January 2021 after being
abandoned. During her examination on entry Lovinga tested positive for
canine parvovirus (CPV) without clinical signs. After being given supportive treatment
and quarantined, Lovinga tested negative for CPV on the 29th of January 2021. The
vet team also found that her right hind limb had paresis grade 3/5 as well as hip
luxation. In addition Lovinga’s right eye had a hypermature cataract which is related
to her age. In a hypermature cataract the crystalline lens materials are visible in the
lens and some light cannot pass through to the retina. The cataract affects Lovinga’s
vision in her right eye almost entirely, resulting in poor vision.
At present, Lovinga is an adult dog with orthopedic and ophthalmic issues. She has
an uneven gait in her right hindlimb due to orthopedic and neurological problems. She
is completely weight bearing on her right hindlimb and there is no evidence of
lameness or dragging. She exhibits no signs of pain in her right hip when it is extended
but there is a decreased range of motion as a result of her hip
luxation. Her neurological examination revealed that she has mono-paresis grade 3/5
(proprioceptive deficit) on her right hindlimb. If any signs of hindlimb weakness are
observed in the future it may be as a result of her neurological lesion progressing and
developing clinical signs. If this occurs, Lovinga may need physiotherapy and/or
medical treatment such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicine, gabapentin, as
well as pain relief. Hip surgery is not recommended due to Lovinga’s neurological
issues. Lovinga’s adopter should also ensure that her weight is managed to avoid
placing stress on her joints. Routine health checks with the adopter's vet are also recommended.

Arriving from Soi Dog, Thailand Late November early December 2021

Adoption costs: $600.00