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Female, 3 years, Collie X, 15 kg (33lbs)

Tripod is a three year old Soi girl that has already been through so much. Life can treat a dog badly when they are a street dog with no home of their own. Survival is down to each dog and not all of them make it. Tripod managed to navigate the busy streets on Phuket Island for the first years of her life but everything changed the day she was hit by a car. She was brought to Soi Dog Foundation’s shelter in Mai Khao where she was given the medical treatment she needed. During her examination on arrival the vet team realized that she had nerve damage and they had to amputate her front leg. Tripod has recovered after surgery and adjusted well to life on three legs. She is a playful, friendly little girl who can’t wait to start her furry tail life with the help and guidance of the BARC’s team.

Interested in people, enjoys being petted.
Friendly with people and other dogs - playful, tail up and wagging.
Walks with confidence, not bothered when she meets strangers or unfamiliar dogs.
Inside off lead area she is still getting used to being in area so unsure of everything.

Medical Information for Tripod: 25 August 2021.
Tripod is a sterilized female mixed breed dog whose estimated age is about 3 years
and 2 months. She presented to Soi Dog Foundation's shelter on 17 June 2021
following a road traffic accident, On examination it was apparent that she had left
forelimb paralysis caused by nerve injury. Surgery was performed to amputate Tripod's
left forelimb and she recovered well after the operation. She also had low platelets
which was suspected to be caused by a tick-borne disease. She was treated with
Doxycycline daily for 28 days.
21 June 2021 - Dermatophytosis occurred on Tripod's skin and an antifungal drug was
20 July 2021 - During a routine health check Tripod’s radiograph revealed that she
had right hip subluxation. Surgical treatment was not required at the time as she was
weight bearing on all three legs with no evidence of lameness or decreased activity
and ran normally.
At present, Tripod is a healthy, three legged dog with a normal blood profile. She walks
well with no sign of lameness. Her adopter is advised to ensure that Tripod maintains
a normal body weight and only does light exercise as it is important for tripod dogs not
to stress their joints. Her right hip subluxation might progress as she continues to age.
If any signs of lameness are observed in the future she may need hip joint treatment
such as a total hip replacement, femoral head and neck excision (FHNE) and/or
medical treatment such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicine, joint support as
well as pain relief.
Tripod’s skin infection could reoccur depending on the environment and her health so
maintaining her skin hygiene is important. Regular health checks with the adopter's
vet are recommended.

Arriving from Soi Dog, Thailand Late November early December 2021

Adoption costs: $600.00