Male, 4 years, chihuahua X

Petey is a great little boy and he has settled into his foster home quickly. He enjoys short 20 minute walks where he can smell everything, and snoozing on the couch under a pile of blankets. He hasn’t expressed interest in toys or playing yet. He is super loving and trusting. His little tail is always wagging and he loves getting pets.

He has a big appetite and is very food motivated! He has a typical chihuahua personality and an only dog home or being with another calm little doggy would be best for him. He will bond very closely to his person. He has had zero accidents and uses the bathroom as soon as I take him outside. He is very quiet in the house and good in the crate. He goes in without issue and cries a bit first when I leave the house or at night but stops within a couple of minutes.

This tiny little boy is looking forward to finding his furever home!

This dog has upcoming veterinary tasks covered on the BARC's Rescue account at our veterinary partners. The adopter must be in agreement to schedule and attend these appointments should they occur after adoption.

Petey is being fostered in Calgary.

Adoption costs: $495.00