Ripley (Gooseberry)



Age: 1 to 3 years
Sex: Spayed female
Estimated Breed: Kelpie X
Weight: 35 lbs
Good with dogs?: Yes, same size or larger with proper introduction.
Good with cats?: Unknown. High prey drive
Good with children?: Unknown
Special/Medical Needs: No
Energy Level: High

Adoption Fee: $600

Foster Home Location: Calgary

Ripley is still very much a puppy who requires an owner who will train her. She is still learning where to go to the bathroom and will have accidents if not monitored.

She does well with correction and learns fast but is struggling with house-training probably due to an incontinent dog in the home.

Ripley is in a foster home with 8 other dogs and does very well with sharing. She has not shown much interest in food but will try to guard or show food aggression if she wants what the other dog has. She is a counter surfer and has no problem jumping on them to get at what she wants.

She can play too rough with the little dogs and then gets reactive if they cry out so she would be best suited to a home with dogs who are medium to large size and who can tolerate her puppy energy.

Ripley has not met any children yet but we assume she will be fine with them. She likes to jump and bounce so there is potential to knock over a toddler and she does paw when she wants attention so there is scratch potential.

Ripley is a gem in the car, she prefers to just lay down or look out the window in her own space and doesn’t try to sit on laps.

She has been a quiet dog, only barking a couple of times when something spooks her like a knock on the door or spotting a bird flash before the window. She does not normally bark at the fence or cause a ruckus unless the other dogs in the home are barking at everything. She barks mostly to alert.

Ripley is a jumper and a bouncer. Her home should have a tall stable fence to discourage her from jumping out of the yard. Her new home should also accept her being on the furniture as she will bounce from floor to couch to chair to floor and back again in her puppy excitement. She also prefers to sleep near her humans which means she is on the bed.

Ripley doesn’t mind the dog crate for short periods but has too much energy to be kept in a crate for long periods. She has not been left alone as she is still being supervised with the other dogs in the foster home but we feel she will be fine, especially if provided with lots of exercise beforehand and a mental activity such as a frozen stuffed Kong.

She is still very much like a puppy and testing her boundaries. She is also a working breed so keeping her busy is in everyone’s best interest. If unsupervised, she may get into trouble and would do well in a home that will work with her, train her and otherwise keep her busy.

Ripley would excel at dog agility if her owners were so inclined.