Male, 4 years, pocket pitty, 35 lbs

Do you need an Itty-Bitty-Pitty in your life? Bruno is a compact little 35-pounder and is cute as a button. He’s playful, cuddly, confident, exceptionally affectionate, and has a lovely medium energy to fit in with most activity levels. Bruno has had a bit of a rough go lately after being hit by a car down in Texas, but has come such a long way (both literally in his travel up to Canada, and in his recovery) and now nothing stands in his way of running, jumping, playing, and cuddling.

Bruno is incredibly loyal and will follow you around like a shadow wherever you go. He is not a big fan of being left on his own for long periods of time. He’s getting better every day with going in his kennel on his own and settling down, but he does still cry and bark when left alone and may not do well in attached housing for this reason. He would love a family who is home during the day to hang out with him. Bruno is house-trained and well mannered, non-destructive and knows his basic commands and obedience. He has not shown any evidence of resource guarding behavior and is very polite when taking treats and receiving his meals. He doesn’t entirely understand the purpose of most toys just yet, but really likes the ones that have food in them! He pulls on the leash but is does great with a gentle leader/head harness. He makes a wonderful running buddy!

Bruno is selective with the people (specifically strange men) in his life, so he requires a very special forever family that has experience with and understands fear and reactivity, and is dedicated to working with him on these issues. Children are not recommended for Bruno.

Bruno gets along famously with other dogs and would do well in a home on his own or with another playful canine friend. He also does well with dog-savvy cats; he gets excited when they run around but otherwise leaves them alone.

Bruno is being fostered in Calgary.

Adoption costs: $600.00