- Available for Adoption

Available for Adoption


Age: 1-year
Sex: Neutered male
Estimated Breed: Border Collie
Weight: 30 lbs
Good with dogs?: Yes
Good with cats?: Yes
Good with children?: No, older children only
Special/Medical Needs: No
Energy Level: High
Adoption Fee: $650
Foster Home location: Calgary

Dash is looking for a very special human.
Dash is a young neutered Border Collie, who's 19" tall at the shoulders and approximately 30 lbs. He loves his food, treats and toys and has a healthy appetite which is good because due to his high energy and activity level, he is always on the leaner/thin side.
Sadly, Dash is very under-socialized with feral-like behaviours. Add that to the typical Border Collie mannerisms and you have a dog who is quite shy and can be shut down at times. Dash takes a long to open up to new people and new situations. Once Dash learns to trust his humans, he is very lovable and affectionate but still very untrusting and doesn’t fully relax. Once comfortable with you, he will snuggle under the covers or hang out chilling on the couch.
Dash loves the company of others dogs; however, he will bond with the other dog to avoid humans so his new forever home will need to be diligent about often spending one-on-one time with Dash. Having a canine buddy around increases Dash’s confidence and helps with his separation anxiety, however, Dash has herding tendencies so his canine companion(s) need to be patient with this behaviour.
Dash is looking for a home who is experienced with the Border Collie breed. An ideal home would be a quieter adult only home (or older teenagers) with a canine buddy, someone who has patience and is dog savvy or willing to attend classes. Dash does not bark when strangers come to the door, however, will be vocal if left alone without another dog or human. He is crate trained and will sleep overnight in his crate if you insist but getting him in the crate can be a challenge if his excitement level is high. His current foster home has him kept in the bedroom with a baby gate during the night, which he prefers so he can keep an eye on everyone.
Dash does well with routine and structure; changes in his life upset him and he will panic or become neurotic and focused on something. He is a typical Border Collie who needs a job to be the happiest. Having things like raw bones, frozen Kongs and other mental stimuli around helps calm him as well as plenty of physical exercise. Dash walks well on leash and watches for your physical and verbal commands nicely. If not given an outlet to burn off energy, both physical and mental, and appropriate toys and chews around for him, he will happily make up his own rules which also includes chewing on your prized possessions.
This boy is mostly house-trained but does have the occasional accident if his humans are not diligent about sticking to a routine. He has learned a few basic commands such as come, sit, down, kennel. He would do well with an owner who will work him through agility and give him a job.
Dash is a misunderstood dog who would thrive in the right environment. If you think you can be that special person, please fill out an application and someone will be in touch.

Adoption costs: $650.00