Age: 3 years
Sex: Neutered male
Estimated Breed: Bully X
Weight: 50 lbs
Good with dogs?: Yes, but does show some resource guarding
Good with cats?: Unknown
Good with children?: Unknown
Special/Medical Needs: Valentino has cancer and will require regular treatment at the vet, which is located in Turner Valley, AB. Foster must be willing to transport him there regularly for treatments.
Energy Level: Medium

Adoption Fee: $600
Foster Home Location: Edmonton

Valentino (aka Vinny) is a very gentle, sweet boy who wants nothing more than to be with his people. He is a great snuggler, is very trusting, and loves to receive affection (especially belly rubs!). He is just starting to play with toys, and happily runs around with a toy in his mouth before settling down to chew. He also enjoys his walks, but has a tendency to pull on leash unless redirected.

He already knows some basic commands, and is very food motivated which makes training easy. He does have a habit of jumping onto people and onto furniture uninvited, but is otherwise is well behaved. He is medium energy, generally very quiet, and does very well during car rides.

Valentino does seem to get along with other dogs, however, he would likely do best as an only dog in the home since he does show some possessive tendencies/resource guarding. This means he can be unpredictable around other dogs when food, toys, and even 'his' people are around. For this reason, he is fed separately and all toys are kept away when he is socializing with other dogs. He has not been tested around children or cats.