Nora (Fluffy Pup)



Age: Approximately 10 weeks
Sex: Intact female (spaying will be covered by BARC’s)
Estimated Breed: Pyrenees/Lab X
Estimated Size: Large
Good with dogs?: Yes
Good with cats?: Yes
Good with children?: Older children
Special/Medical Needs: No
Energy Level: High

Adoption Fee: $725

Foster Home Location: Cranbrook, BC

Nora came to us and still needed to learn how to be a companion dog after growing up outside. She adjusted to house life extremely quickly! Nora is about 10 weeks old and is a Pyrenees/Lab mix. She is well on her way to being fully potty trained and happily goes outside to do her business. She loves to play with our younger dog and they tire each other out! She does bark when she gets really excited so she will need to work on that. She respects our older dog and takes correction well from him. She has met the cats and is learning to respect their boundaries as well. Mostly she just wants to play with them. She is good with our kids but would do well in a home with kids who are older or understand what puppies are like. She can get quite playful and occasionally nip when trying to play. She has been quite good in the car but did get nauseous once when she went out after eating. She is quite good on her leash now but will obviously need more time to learn. The only thing she really needs work on is feeding time. She resources guards her food which is normal given she was an outside dog who probably had to compete for food in the past. We feed her away from our other dogs and no food is left down after feeding time. She eats out of a slow feeder bowl so she does not inhale her food. As long as she is set up for success with those feeding rules in place, she will learn and adjust and trust that she will always have enough food instead of needing to compete for it. Overall she has typical puppy behaviour, she likes to chew on everything in the house she can find and play like crazy! She would do best in a house that has a fenced yard and space to play. She would not do well in a small house or condo as she needs lots of space. She will need an adopter who is experienced with large breed dogs and resource guarding around other dogs. She does not resource guard with people.