Age: Estimated 1 to 3 years
Sex: Neutered male
Estimated Breed: Shepherd/border collie X
Weight: Approximately 70 lbs
Good with dogs?: Yes
Good with cats?: Unknown
Good with children?: Yes
Special/Medical Needs: No
Energy Level: Medium to High

Adoption Fee: $650
Foster Home Location: Calgary

Tony is just the sweetest guy. He’s extremely gentle and loving and wants to be near to people and other dogs at all times. He does great with children (foster has a 10 year old) and expect that he would do well with all ages as he is very gentle and doesn’t play very rough or jump much. He loves playing with the resident dog who is near to his size but again would likely do well with a smaller dog also due to his gentle nature. He is happy inside for much of the day and enjoys a play in the yard with the other dog so a home with a yard would be great.

He walks decently on a leash (needs a bit more work on focus as he get excited when he sees other people and dogs and wants to go see them). He is food motivated so training with the right treats will be successful (everything is very new to him right now so it can be a bit more challenging to get him to focus). He’s learned to sit or lie down until released to eat his meals and does best with a slow feeder.

Tony would do best in a house that is not attached as he is very vocal when excited (will bark when you come to let him out of the crate in the morning or before feeding). Otherwise he is very quiet. Doesn’t bark when people come to the door nor jump. He doesn’t mind his crate and will go in on his own when it’s open but he doesn’t like being left alone. He’s ok with being in the crate if there is a dog in the room with him which is what he does at night. He hasn’t been tested alone in the house without being in the crate, but he may do ok as long as the space has no food lying about that he can get into. He does settle somewhat after a while on his own in the crate but he’s much better with another dog (otherwise he is stressed and will cry off and on the whole time) and so a home with another dog would be best. He does want to chase rabbits when he sees them so would need to be tested with cats in the home. He’s fully house trained and has had no accidents.

Overall, Tony is a very sweet boy and loves people and other dogs and learns quickly. He loves to play and get belly rubs. He will make a wonderful pet for his furever family. We believe he is closer to 1 year old (than 3) as he has very playful puppy energy and demeanour.