Age: 5 to 6 months
Sex: Intact female (spaying will be covered by BARC’s)
Estimated Breed: Bully X
Weight: Approximately 50 lbs
Good with dogs?: Yes
Good with cats?: No
Good with children?: Unknown
Special/Medical Needs: No
Energy Level: High

Adoption Fee: $725
Foster Home Location: Calgary

Robin is a sweet young girl, and is great with everything. We have no cats, but if interaction with small children and dogs are an indication, she'd likely do fine. She does well with all sizes of dogs, and is great with our 6-year-old. She is a very quiet girl normally. I don't actually recall hearing her bark ever. She loves to play, and she loves to chew. Definitely many different chew toys all over will be required or she may start searching for some shoes to chew. She does require a fair bit of exercise, 1 hour a day minimum. She is working on house-training to get to 100% and is almost there. It has been days since we had an accident. She has also come a long way on some basic manners. She knows sit and is working on lay down. She must sit and wait for food and she has been really great with this.

Otherwise, she is just a typical goofy puppy. She loves attention and being pet, she loves to play. Very curious and wants to explore and be part of everything. She is not thrilled about being kenneled but will do fine if she needs to be in there. She does well loose in the house for short periods as well.

She is good on leash and even has a bit of recall. She is still unsure about car rides but she stays still and does fine in the car.