Age: Approximately 6 to 9 months
Sex: Female (spaying will be covered by BARC’s)
Estimated Breed: Lab X
Weight: Approximately 40 lbs
Good with dogs?: Yes
Good with cats?: Unknown
Good with children?: Unknown
Special/Medical Needs: No
Energy Level: Medium

Glee is currently located in Calgary.

Glee is a 40lb fluffy white female, likely 6 to 9 months, with brown freckles on her nose. She is goofy and mouthy like a puppy but is overall low to medium energy and enjoys her nap time. She enjoys her toys and any chewing can be redirected to a toy. She didn’t have any accidents in her first 24 hours inside and she has positively alerted us every time that she needs to go out by standing at the front door! She is very food motivated and even after one night has started to see the connection between sitting down and receiving a kibble. She seems happy to be hanging around humans.

She was initially confused by the leash but has warmed up to it, and as mentioned, she is low to medium energy when she is outside, lots of slow walking and sniffing. No pulling. Sometimes she forgets that she and I are attached by a leash and will walk in a different direction but is quick to be redirected by a whistle or kissing noise. She is attentive to people and will be quick to pick up basic obedience. When she is free to roam in the backyard, she mostly just walks next to me, she had one episode of the zoomies the first night, but mostly is content just to sniff around.

She has met four of the neighbourhood dogs and greets them with a few sniffs and will do an excited puppy hop backwards, but mostly is just interested in watching them or sniffing them, and not really playing. No aggressive behaviours detected, mostly just curious and wants to watch them. She is very interested in passing cars and gets excited by the noise of the cars. No fear of the noise, she looks like she would want to follow the cars if she could.

She loves to cuddle on the couch and she is ok with you putting on her collar and cleaning her feet when she comes in. She goes happily into her crate with a kibble, or a few times on her own, and she did cry for a few minutes when it was bedtime and the lights went out, but she was ok for napping in her crate while we were in the same room. After the quick whine she went to sleep for the night, had one pee break in the middle of the night (more for my sake than hers, just so I would know she wasn’t uncomfortably holding her pee) but otherwise she’s not a big drinker so not super frequent breaks and I think after a few days she will easily make it through the night.