Incoming/Foster Home Needed


Male, 2 years, mixed breed, 42 lbs

Assessment: When I got in, he was interested and approached me. I could touch him. He had no problem with other dogs, but when the dogs are unsupervised the staff put him into a kennel as he doesn't start fights but joins in. Outside he could walk, but he was insecure and worried about the outside environment. He was nervous around noise, and was able to walk any area but was not confident. He can easily walk past other dogs. Off lead he seems unsure about the surrounding environment. He isn't interested in toys, but he explores the off lead area.

Cat assessment: Dog explores immediate surroundings. Looks and sniffs in cat's direction briefly with head low, tail below spine, looks away after a few seconds. Does this multiple times, always looking away and returning attention to surroundings with no response. When given loose leash dog walks past cat and makes no attempt to approach or interact.

Foster Me!

Adoption costs: $650.00