Female, 1 year, mixed breed, 30 lbs

Assessment: When I walked in she was excited, (sniffing me, eye contact, body relaxed, mouth open, tail up and wagging). She came to look at me, and was friendly. She had no problem with the other dogs in the run. Outside she likes to explore. When people pass by, and she hears voices she will stop and she's nervous. She walks but is not confident, (head low, tail low, walking fast, backing away, looking around). Walking her around the lake she didn't have any fear. She walked towards the off-lead, her expression became more relaxed, tail up and wagging. But every time she hears people, birds, sounds, she gets nervous again. Off lead she looks relaxed, (head up, mouth open, body relaxed ,tail up and wagging). When I call her she comes to me easily. She's not interested in toys. When a car drives by she doesn't care. She is interested in dogs at the fence.

Cat Assessment: Dog sniffs around the floor, ignores cat. Tail sometimes wags gently, dog then sits next to handler's feet. When given loose leash dog approaches cat with head low, tail at spine level. Dog sniffs for 5 seconds, tail wags very briefly. Dog then moves away and approaches observer with loosely wagging tail. Moves towards cat again and walks around crate slowly while sniffing cat, tail up and wagging, head low. Dog then moves away after doing a full circuit of the crate.

Adoption costs: $650.00