Foster Home Needed


Female, 1 year, mixed breed, 31 lbs

Assessment: She approached me. She jumped at me and pulled the poo bag. She runs around with it and she's playful. Every time the staff carries another dog she will nip at that dog. She nipped at me and pulled my shoelaces. She is friendly with the staff but sometimes is hard to catch and she likes to run away. Outside she explores everything along the path. She walked with confidence. When a man walks by She has no interest, she was more interested in what men were holding. When a woman walks a dog through she has no interest. When she walks past many people, she has no interest. When she meets a dog, she walks over but doesn't pay much attention. She was very excited. When a car approaches she jumps around. Off-lead she wandered around with confidence. When she found a bath she went to play in the water. She played in the water for about 10 minutes. When I throw the ball she was interested and jumped after the ball, but didn't pick it up. She has no interest when outsiders walk by.

Cat Assessment: Dog explores immediate surroundings, tail wags gently. Looks at cat on multiple occasions, each time for a few seconds, ears forward , mouth closed, tail stops wagging and is below spine. Turns attention back to surroundings and handler, tail wagging again. Dog then focuses on cat in same position, but for 10 seconds. When given loose leash dog walks towards cat and sniffs, tail below spine, mouth closed, head lowered. Dog is focused on cat for 15 seconds, then moves away when prompted. Dog returns to sniff at cat in same manner, jumps when cat moves, then sniffs again, is very focused on cat, moves away when prompted.

Foster Me!

Adoption costs: $650.00