Male, 1 to 2 years, mixed breed, 41 lbs

Assessment: When I entered, he had a little interest in me, and approached in a friendly manner. He walked up to me with confidence. Staff report no problem with other dogs in the run. Outside he explored along the path. He walks confidently. When a woman walks past with a dog he has no interest, and when there are many people in front, he was able to walk. Off-lead, He explored the inside with confidence. He is interested in the people he sees, and when I give food, he eats. When a toy is thrown, he does not play. I can pat him, and later, he always followed me. His tail is often wagging.

Cat Assessment: Dog sniffs immediate surroundings while looking around the room. Glances at cat, showing no response. When given loose leash, dog walks past cat, glancing but showing no response and makes no attempt to interact. Walks around the crate once, then sniffs at the cat with head low. After 10 seconds the dog moves away.

Adoption costs: $650.00