Available for Adoption


Age: 1 year
Sex: Spayed female
Estimated Breed: Jindo X
Weight: 33 lbs
Good with dogs?: Yes
Good with cats?: Yes
Good with children?: Unknown
Special/Medical Needs: No
Energy Level: Medium
Adoption Fee: $650
Foster Home Location: Calgary

Zafrani is a sweet dog who made a very long trip to Canada for a better life! She does need someone who can work with her and show her lots of love!

She’s protective over her food/kennel (but improving), but this needs to be watched/worked on, especially if there are other animals in her home; she doesn’t seem to care about/worry about humans.

She is still a nervous girl, when she gets really nervous her jaw quivers. She needs lots of reassurance.

She tries to bury EVERYTHING if there’s a blanket around. Socks, phone, hand, if she sees it, she will try to hide it.

She seems to get excited about getting her harness/leash/collar/etc on but is very nervous outside with any noises and seems to always want to go for fields. Pulls you where she wants to go. It would be good to have a yard to practice with her.

She’s starting to try and play with my dog/cats so I think once she has worked out her anxiety about being in a new place, she will warm up with other animals just fine!! In fact, we are only accepting adoption applications for a home with another dog as this will help Zafrani with her confidence.

She loooves fuzzy blankets!! So please give her one of her own or she will just take yours anyways.

Once she warms up to you she will give you tons of hugs, kisses!!

Adopt Me!

Adoption costs: $650.00