Incoming/Foster Home Found


Female, 1 year, mixed breed, 33 lbs

Assessment: When I went in, she was interested and jumped at me. She was friendly and gentle with me, but when other dogs quarrelled near me, she became less confident and walked away. She was a little shy when the staff approached. She has no problem with other dogs, and I can easily put on a leash. She can walk outside easily. She is confident and excited. Outside she confidently surveyed the exit area. (Body relax, mouth open, tail up, ears back). Then when she started walking, she wasn't confident and didn't walk to a new area. She walked only around the area in front of her run. She was nervous when she saw people. She always pulls the leash back.

Cat Assessment: Dog's tail is up and wagging, dog explores immediate surroundings. Dog then looks at cat and pulls in cat's direction with ears forward, tail up and wagging. Turns attention to handler briefly, but then turns to focus on cat again, pulling towards cat with tail up and wagging, mouth closed and ears forward. When given loose leash dog walks towards cat and sniffs with head low, tail up and wagging. Moves away after 6 seconds and is then focused on handler, jumping up gently. Sniffs observer and then cat again briefly before moving away, tail wagging.

Adoption costs: $650.00