Age: 2 years
Sex: Spayed female
Estimated Breed: Mixed breed
Weight: 27 lbs
Good with dogs?: Yes
Good with cats?: Yes
Good with children?: Unknown
Special/Medical Needs: None.
Energy Level: Medium

Adoption Fee: $650
Foster Home Location: Calgary

Charlie is good with cats and dogs, with proper introduction.

She is a bit shy and skittish at first, she sometimes runs to the comfort of her kennel when first introduced to people and animals, but once she is used to you and is comfortable, she is a cute little cuddler!

She loves to be by your side. She takes naps beside you and likes to be touching you when she can.

Charlie seems to be nervous of men. She can growl a little bit and want into her kennel when they are around, but eventually realizes that they are not going to hurt her and warms up.

Charlie is not house trained, but we are working on that.

She has the shakes from having distemper, she sometimes has cute little crossed arms to keep herself steady, and it does not interfere with anything she does or wants to do.