Age: 2 years
Sex: Spayed female
Estimated Breed: Bully X
Weight: 48 lbs
Good with dogs?: Yes
Good with cats?: Possibly, but cat must be dog savvy.
Good with children?: Yes
Special/Medical Needs: No
Energy Level: Medium

Adoption Fee: $650
Foster Home Location: Spruce Grove, AB

Isla (Azure) is the sweetest and most lovely dog. She is absolutely incredible with kids of all ages. Loves their company and loves their attention. She is gentle with them, and almost aware if the child is nervous and almost adjusts herself to be even more gentle. She loves to show love, leans in and is quick to love and trust people. She wouldn’t turn her head to Azure so we tried a bunch of different names and Isla is one she seems to like and turn her head to. We think it suits her sweet personality better too! Her colour is almost iridescent in person. It’s brown/grey/silver/lavender. She also has a diamond on her chest.

It took 2 weeks to really see her relax and settle in. She is starting to really play. Loves her squeaky toys. Doesn’t chew on much and hasn’t chewed anything we haven’t given her. She’s content to sleep but will get zoomies and butt wiggles when she’s excited to see you. She jumps up on occasion when she’s really excited but stop pretty quick when ignored.

Absolutely no aggression at all when it comes to food or toys. She is learning to “give” her toys when playing fetch and she knows “gentle” but doesn’t need to be reminded often. She knows sit and lay down. She performs stay excellently. And she is really starting to understand that people go through a door before she does.

She is a terrible vacuum but that’s ok with us. Never know what’s been dropped on the floor so we are happy she’s not overly interested. She knows “leave it” when she does show interest and will walk away.

Not overly food motivated. She likes her treats and will happily do basic commands but if she’s focused, she’s focused so my guess is a squeaker in your pocket or audio sound of some kind will be the trick with her to bring her attention back to you (I’ll continue trying to figure it out). She walks well on a leash but it took a week for her to learn my expectations, so be patient. She’s really great at passing and meeting other dogs without issue. Sometimes there’s interest but a simple leave it and keep going and she’s good. No reactivity noticed yet. She likes to follow her nose, so a fenced yard is important.

Loves car rides. 100% house and crate trained. Rarely and I mean rarely barks but stops when asked to. Not a huge dog bark. Just a bark. She’s adjusting to the Alberta weather and is starting to spend more time outside checking out the yard. She actually waits when you open the door to be invited back in! We think someone spent quite a bit of time working with her and training her before she became a stray. She’s very smart but certain things she knows well with a couple quick refreshers. She’s medium energy and is definitely past most of the puppy high energy shenanigans.

When it comes to cats - we have a cat. They co-exist after we have worked with them a lot. That being said, it needs to be a non-reactive cat or a dog savvy cat with confident owners. It’s very possible. But will take time and dedicated training. She would do well with another dog in the home to play with as well.