Age: 1 year
Sex: Neutered male
Estimated Breed: Mixed breed
Weight: 46 lbs
Good with dogs?: Yes
Good with cats?: Unknown
Good with children?: Yes
Special/Medical Needs: No
Energy Level: Low to medium

Adoption Fee: $650
Foster Home Location: Calgary

Romeo is a handsome, approximately 1 year old dog, who is loving, quiet, and low to medium energy. He is potentially some sort of mix between a duck toller/shepherd/everything else in between, giving him a unique coloured coat and cute perky ears. Romeo has traveled from Armenia to start his new life in Canada, and he has enjoyed a long week of decompressing in order to start to assess the world around him. He loves the snow, he loves his naps, and he loves snuggling.

Temperament: Romeo is very quiet during the day (both when his humans are home and when they are gone), and enjoys napping in his den (under the dining room table). He enjoys the quiet, and can get nervous if there are sudden noises in the house. He would do well in a home without these sudden noises, and perhaps a home with no kids or other pets would be best at this time (although can be considered!). Romeo gets his spunk in the evenings, where he enjoys showing his humans the toys he has found and enjoys gently chewing on them.

Crate: Because Romeo has had quite a long trip to arrive in Canada, he can be uncertain of the crate he has traveled in, and currently prefers to sleep in a small bed next to his humans at night. He has spent time in the crate while we are out and he just falls asleep in the crate for the duration of our outing, and shows no signs of distress. I suspect once Romeo fully decompresses in his forever home, and with some slow crate introductions, he will have no problem sleeping in the crate throughout the entire night.

House Training: Romeo is fully house trained and understands that his business is to be done outside. Romeo would do well with a fenced backyard that he can safely explore and gain more confidence, in addition to his leashed walks (he is fancy and prefers the cleared sidewalk to the snowy grass).

Leash Walking/Training: On his leashed walks, Romeo is hot to trot and understands how to walk on his leash, but he does enjoy stopping for a good sniff (or 10) while he is on route. Romeo currently understands sit, and although he enjoys his meals as much as the next guy, he is not highly food motivated. Positive reinforcement through praise is the key to his heart, and he may also likely require some high value treats in order to learn the basic commands (come, stay, down) in and out of the house. On walks, Romeo can be startled by loud cars, sirens, or other loud noises, and he may seek to hide behind his humans or a tree until the scary threat has passed by.

Dogs: Romeo has met other dog friends and has greeted them shyly and will often chose to carry on with his walking rather than stay and chat. He is more submissive and if he is starting to feel nervous he will notify that he wants to continue walking. We have seen little hints of Romeo’s sparkle where he starts to feel playful with other dogs, but we believe he will need some continued work with confidence in his forever home in order to become a total social butterfly. Romeo has never met a cat, but I suspect he would actually enjoy the routine of a cat (he is quite the cat napper).

People: Romeo will timidly assess new people and does take time to warm up to them before he feels completely comfortable. He will not willingly greet new people, but he will watch them closely until he feels he wants to approach. Very slow introductions would help Romeo feel better about new people.

Based on our time with Romeo, we believe he would do best in a quiet and patient home, that is able to provide him with a safe space to begin to regain his confidence and fully lean into his new Canadian life. He would do well in a routine, and hopefully with a human at home for most of the day. He is looking for a home where the new sights, sounds and adventures are hopefully kept to a minimum, and he can act as a loving companion rather than an adventure buddy. We hope Romeo’s forever home has the time and patience to allow him to decompress in order to fully shine.