Female, 1-1/2 years, bully X, 55 lbs

Hi! My name is Athena,
I am a year and a half old. I am a tan and white pit mix with beautiful eyes. I am healthy, fully vaccinated, spayed and have a microchip. I weigh in at 55 pounds. Life has been a little tough for me but things are looking up! I hear I might get a new home and a forever family of my own soon !!! I absolutely love people!!!!! I can come when called, sit and go to my kennel when asked. I love to learn new things. I am learning to play with toys and they are fun! I also like to hang out and just chill. (Don't forget the snacks though! 😋) I love to be petted and I'm a great snuggler! I can be a great bff! I can't wait to meet you!

Athena's background story:
She was adopted as a puppy from a random person selling a litter. She was raised with a male pitbull. After the puppy stage ended she spent most of her life up until being fostered outside on a cable, and received very minimal attention. Food was very inconsistent so she may at times try to protect it from other dogs. Her pet parent was struggling with alcohol and drug addiction and couldn't provide the care she needed. She reached out to get Athena rehomed. Eventually she ended up out on the street and was picked up by animal control. After that she was placed in foster care. She is a sweet loving dog who has had a rough life so far. In her new foster home she has lit up with excitement and happiness. She is thankful to come in the house and finds peace in her kennel. She has learned basic commands, and loves people. She is a sweetheart who needs a family who will love her and keep her forever.

This dog has just arrived in care and is currently unavailable for adoption. It will go into foster care for 1 week so we can get to know their personalities better. After the first week, we will post their adoption biographies and review adoption applications or announce that the foster provider has adopted them. At that time, if you would like to be considered in the event they are accepting applications, please fill out an adoption application.

Adoption costs: $650.00