Baby Girl



Age: 8 months
Sex: Spayed female
Estimated Breed: Bully X
Weight: 36 lbs
Good with dogs?: Yes
Good with cats?: Unknown, but possibly
Good with children?: Unknown, but likely
Special/Medical Needs: No
Energy Level: High

Adoption Fee: $725
Foster Home Location: Calgary

This little bean is ready to meet her new family! Could it be you?

Though still young, she has already had quite the journey!

We were fortunate enough to connect with Baby Girl's previous foster mom in Texas, who found her when she was a tiny puppy in the middle of the street covered in ticks and fleas. Baby Girl was lovingly nursed back to health to be the sweet pup she is today. Her Texas mom wanted the very best for her, and that's where BARCS comes in!

From day one, this smiley (yes that's right - she smiles when she's happy or dreaming!) pup immediately knew she was home. She practically jumped right off the bus into our arms!

As Baby Girl is still very much a puppy, she had a few manners she needed brushing up on! However, with only one week of routine and consistency she has absolutely flourished. She loves going for walks and we found out quickly how strong she is, and I mean STRONG! So her leash walking etiquette was the first to be addressed. We have been working very hard for her to walk alongside us - and she's proving herself better every day. If she starts to get too pully on the leash, we will simply stop and she will sit until she calms down. We carry a baggy of her kibble to give her a reward any time she does what she's told - and it's definitely helping a lot as she is very much food motivated.

She LOVES to sniff, and her nose often leads her to an unsavoury item on the ground while we walk - but she's getting much better at being told to 'leave it'.

When out, she does get very excited around other dogs - we initially thought she was being vocal because she was scared, but we soon found out it was because she really just wants to say hi. In her previous foster home, she was living with 2 senior chiweenies that apparently did not care much for her energy levels, but we think she might do well in a home with another confident dog to show her the ropes and play with. She would do well without too, but we think she misses her buddies!

We also think she would thrive with a running partner. We jokingly took off running with her and she took to it immediately, running perfectly alongside us! She certainly has the stamina for it.

Inside the home, she loves her crate and knows that's her safe space. When she gets bored of us, she will wander in and have a snooze. Like most puppies, she does have a little bit of a protest fit when we put her to bed, but at most she whines for maybe 10 minutes before she settles in for the night.

She has never had an accident either as we have kept her in a great routine. If she does need to be let out, she will wait by the door and possibly paw at it if she REALLY needs to go.

She has been very good about being invited on the couch, and rarely tries to jump up without getting the 'ok'.

The one thing we are still trying to work on is how she tends to bark when she hears anything unfamiliar outside our door (we live in an apartment). This is getting better with treat and squeaky toy distractions.

We have not tested her with cats, but think she *could* be okay with them given proper introduction and personalities. At her age she is mouldable if given the time and training, but she does get very excited at squirrels on a walk, for context.

Same goes for children, as we have not had her interact with any, but she does not jump and she is quite calm in general when she's happy.

Overall, Baby Girl is such an amazing dog. She has so much love to give and we think she is going to be such a happy puppy in a home that is willing to put in the work and routine that she craves. She is going to take a piece of our hearts when she goes and we hope that you fall in love with her as fast as we did.