Age: Approximately 1.5 - 2.5 years
Sex: Spayed Female
Estimated Breed: Mixed Breed
Weight: 35 lbs
Good with cats?: Not tested
Good with dogs: Yes
Good with children: Yes, although she gets startled sometimes
Special/Medical Needs: Needs to build her confidence with new situations, surroundings and people.
Energy Level: Medium
Potty trained: Working on this, mostly house trained but doesn’t like the cold temperatures.
House: Any housing would be suitable for Fany
Training: Would benefit from basic obedience training to help build her confidence and learn the basics.
Adopter: A patient and understanding adopter, another dog companion to learn from. Likely suitable for many families, single or couples.

Adoption Fee: $650

Location of Foster Home: Airdrie.

Fany is a young and smaller mixed breed. She currently resides with two larger dogs in a family home with an 8-year-old. She started off quite skittish and would jump at most noises and flinch when approached to pet her. In her short stay here she has really grown her confidence and now engages in play with the dogs and seeks attention from adults and children in the home.

She may not have had regular meals before BARCs brought her here so she eats her meals extremely fast, much to her dismay her fosters have been feeding her smaller, more frequent meals in puzzle toys. She is extremely food motivated and would likely be relatively easy to train.

Some wish list items that Fany has added for her future adopters:
- patience in the beginning so she learns she is safe.
- if children will be living with her or visiting her, have them be calm around her so she can become familiar with the children. She enjoys the young child in her foster home but needs a bit of time to feel safe first.
- doggy friends so she can learn and grow her confidence. Plus she seems to enjoy running, if you have a dog that also loves running play she would really enjoy that.
- regular meals, she is quite skinny and has been fed 4-6 smaller meals throughout the day. She eats extremely fast so a slow feeder or puzzles to slow her down will help.
- walks are something she’s starting to really enjoy now that she feels safe, she loves to stop and smell everything.
- patience with her house training. She will go outside in warmer weather but during our cold snaps she did have accidents in the house.
- love and affection. She likes to try to sneak on the couch by having her front paws hug you, she is very sweet and loves to give affection.
- she recently discovered dog beds and is a big fan. She would really appreciate somewhere soft to have her naps.

Overall, Fany has been such a sweet and gentle girl, she really warmed up quickly to us and is now initiating playtime with the other resident dogs and likes running in the backyard. She currently sleeps in her crate on a different level of the house overnight. Most evenings she is very quiet, she is a bit vocal when in her kennel for the first bit but has been settling in relatively quickly.