Age: 2 years

Sex: Spayed female

Estimated Breed: Lab X

Weight: 37 lbs

Good with dogs?: Yes

Good with cats?: Yes

Good with children?: Older children only.

Special/Medical Needs: No

Energy Level: Medium

Adoption fee: $650

Fostered in Calgary, AB
All the Single Ladies, All the Single Ladies

We’re still searching for a special home for sweet Kimmy. While Kimmy eventually warms up to new people, she seems to prefer forming a very close bond with a single female. Everyone else is just ‘meh’ to her. This little senorita from Mexico, is looking for the Thelma to her Louise!

After slow introductions, Kimmy is great with other dogs, and even cats! She is playful and gentle, always choosing to retreat to her kennel when she’s had enough. She is house trained, walks well on the leash, and LOVES to snuggle her ‘person’. She enjoys her crate and really values having that safe space. She also sleeps in her crate all night, with no issues. Kimmy takes some time to warm up to new people, but has never shown aggression in fearful situations. Her preference is to run and hide in her kennel when she’s uncertain, and this includes new people coming to the house. Because of this, Kimmy would do best in a quiet home, with not a lot of people coming and going. She is crated when left home alone, and has no separation anxiety. She does try and avoid any small children we’ve encountered on our walks, so I feel she would do better in a home with no kids, or at least older ones who will respect her boundaries.

Kimmy has learned a few basic commands now, and is very food motivated. You will definitely need to keep any unattended food up and away from her reach. She’ll eat it all. She also understands ‘outside’ and just loves being outdoors. Kimmy can still be a bit jumpy when she’s excited, but again, she has only shown this behaviour to her main person. We are working on ‘off’ and keeping 4 paws on the floor, and she understands. She just needs more practise. Kimmy did well with her first bath, happily licking peanut butter off the wall while we got her scrubbed up and rinsed off. I can see some swimming in her future!

Kimmy is a love bug who just needs someone with patience, giving her lots of time to trust you. She really is a sweet and silly young pup who just needs to time to build confidence and come out of her shell. We’ve seen some good progress over the past couple months with her, so I’m very hopeful about her potential.

Adoption costs: $650.00