Female, 4 years, border collie X

Zoey is looking for a foster home!

Zoey needs some time to warm up to other humans (sometimes up to 3 days). When introduced it’s best to tether her to something and toss treats at her. We found out through training she is more bark than she is talk when it comes to humans but not when it comes to animals and kids (her downs are listed below). When/if introduced properly to a human and once she is comfortable with them there will be an unbreakable forever bond; she is EXTREMELY caring and loving once warmed up to them. Even though Zoey has separation anxiety she is extremely well house trained and won’t make any messes at all and can be left alone without barking but will be super excited and needs help to calm down when her human comes back home. She will not go potty in the house and will wait until you can take her outside. If you do decide to crate Zoey she is well crate trained. Zoey will pull on the leash unless you have her martingale on her then she is well with walking on leash although she will react at other dogs and humans when on a walk. She is also amazing with retrieving balls, but you will have to make sure she is fenced in and no strange humans or animals are around when tossing it. Once you share a bond with Zoey it is unbreakable, she will love you unconditionally and always look up to you and listen to you. She is an extreme cuddler and loves attention. She will even know when you are sad and want to deep pressure you and lick all your tears and worries away.

The DOWNSIDE to Zoey is she can’t be around other animals nor kids. When around other animals and kids she has a bad temper and cannot be trusted. Although with the proper introduction and training Zoey MAY be able to be friends with another animal (most likely larger) as she is friends with our cat at home but it took her a month with a muzzle on to warm up to our cat but when introduced to any other strange animal she will be aggressive towards them; She needs a home with no pets and no kids.

Adoption costs: $650.00