Forrest Gump



Male, 2 years, pit bull X, 56 lbs

Forrest has been a great, though brief addition to my household. He is such an amazing dog, who wants nothing but love and attention. I have noticed that he is a gentle soul that will take some time and requires lots of loving to help him further adjust from a previous life. He is very cautious and does not like sudden movements in his direction and would prefer acknowledgement down at his level to show you are inviting him in.

He is confirmed deaf, but that does not hold him back from acknowledging you or helping you address his needs. He has still taken some adjustment time to his new surroundings, but will seek out affirmation and expresses his comfortability easily.

Forrest needs routine and enjoys walks or relaxing and snuggling. He has had a few accidents, but it is not random. Just needs to be caught in time as he will not bark to be let out.

When out for walks Forrest is very curious, but will not pull or stray from your side. He walks with a single leash (no harness or gentle lead), and has proven he can be walked by my kids ages 8-14. Forrest is very well behaved around other dogs or people passing by and has even acknowledged wildlife and is still happy to be out on a walk with his family.

Forrest likes to be outside exploring and will require a fully enclosed yard. This is in regard to his recall limitations and his sense for adventure. He still needs to adjust to proper door manners, as he does tend to bowl through the door once opened. We have been attempting to work on hand signs with him as it is quite evident that time was not spent training or acknowledging his gift. He does not seem to be food driven and finding the right treat that he loves has proven difficult. He acknowledges "come" and is starting to cue sitting at times though not fully comfortable with the gesture. With some continuous work I feel he is smart enough, that he will master this in time.

Forrest is not a fan of his kennel and/or may require a larger kennel. He will actually avoid the location I currently have the kennel in until bedtime. I have allowed him on the furniture, which allows him to feel close and be an oversized lap dog. He enjoys cuddling up with the kids or myself on the couch and at times will curl up on them for a nap. He understands when it is time to be off or when room is limited and will not seek to be up on them. The current sleep arrangement is with me on the bed, where again he shows his need for love and snuggles, but he has also shown he can sleep on his bed when required which is beside mine.

He is very well mannered and shows no signs of food allergies or aggression and will wait patiently for his food. He even has adjusted well to his roommates (2 adult cats), he tries to play with them but will not act on them or chase them. He has barked a few times, but overall is not very vocal until he goes into his kennel. Forrest is not a big fan of getting into my truck, the height is intimidating for getting in, but once along for the ride he is quiet and enjoys being there.

Overall I wish Forrest the best in his next adventure and so wish I could provide him the long term stability that he so desires and should receive.

Forrest is being fostered in Elkford, BC.

Adoption costs: $495.00