Incoming/Foster Home Needed


Male, 3 years, mixed breed, 44 lbs

SHELTER ASSESSMENT: When I was inside the run, he was interested in me, he approached and then moved away. He liked to stay on the Sala, he moved away from touch, licked lips, tail up and wagging. When I ignored him, he approached, licked my face and he allowed me to touch. I could put the lead on him in the run, he was interested to go out (Body was relaxed, mouth open, tail up and wagging). Outside he explores calmly. He likes to pee a lot. He was interested in another dog; he came near and sniffed at the other dog, but he was not confident when the other dog came to sniff his butt, (tail under, moved away, head low, licked lips and walked away). He was able to walk through construction sites and areas with cars, and I could touch him when I walked him. Off lead he explores calmly, he doesn’t approach, he moves away from touch, he was easy to walk in the airlock.

Adoption costs: $650.00