Adoption Fees

Our adoption fees are as follows:

Adult dog (9 months and older)- $600
Puppies (8 weeks to 8 months) - $725
Senior dog (small dogs 10 years and older, large dogs 8 years and older) - $375
Bonded pair - $850

Adoption fees are donations to help support the upkeep of animals in our care. If you were to pay a similar fee for an animal through a breeder or pet store, not only would you not be helping a pet in need, you’d be paying for intentional breeding that has led to an overpopulation of pets.

Adoption fees help cover the medical care of the animal while he or she waits for a new home, as well as food and transportation costs. These fees also help to cover costs for the other animals in the care of our rescue who may have medical bills that are much higher than any possible adoption fee. The payment also acts as a donation to help support the organization as a whole, allowing BARCS Rescue to continue its efforts to rescue and rehome more loving pets.

The adoption fee at BARCs Rescue covers, but is not limited to:
BARCs Rescue will continue the adoption of pets who have pending veterinary care, covered on the BARCs Rescue veterinary account. These pending veterinary tasks will be detailed in additional contracts that accompany the adoption contract. These incomplete adoptions will be followed by a veterinary authorization email that the adopter must abide by in order for the tasks to be covered on the BARCS Rescue veterinary account. The adoption will be final when all approved veterinary tasks have been completed.

In order to have pending veterinary care covered by BARCs adopters must use one of our veterinary partners unless the closest veterinary is more than a 90 minute drive. An adopter living further than 90 minutes will need to agree that only a portion of the costs may be reimbursed or have a tax receipt provided. If an adopter living within the 90 minute limit chooses to have the pending veterinary care completed at their own preferred veterinarian, approval from BARCs Rescue is required prior to those appointments. A charitable tax receipt will be provided.

BARCs Rescue adoption fees also include a collar/harness & leash, a gently used crate if required, some dog food and 6-weeks of pet insurance. Furthermore, your pet may be provided with a coat/sweater, special dishes, treats and/or toys on a per-pet basis.