Welcome to Calgary, Alberta, Canada, home of the Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw!

Calgary has seen a huge reduction in dog bites even though the population has increased dramatically. They achieved an all time low in dog incidents this year. This is without Breed-Specific Legislation, mandatory neutering (although it is highly encouraged) or limiting the number of pets you can own. Their animal control facility is state-of-the-art with a friendly staff and an eye to customer service. Even with these successful programs in place and a proven track record to back them up, Calgary is looking to the future. They have broken ground for the free spay/neuter clinic to be available to less well-off families and strive for even higher licensing compliance. This program fits any size town, city or province.

Calgary, Alberta – home of the most successful animal control program in North America.

A Solution That Works: Upholds Public Safety


From mission statement to action, our goal is to: 4 Principles of Responsible Pet Ownership Make it Easy Getting Results Information courtesy of Bill Bruce, Calgary, AB