The Adoption Process

After reviewing the dogs available for adoption, please fill out our adoption application with as much detail as possible so we can learn more about your home and the environment that our dog will be exposed to. We ask for honesty so that we can set our dogs - and the adoptive home up for success. Untruthful answers can cause a lot of setbacks for dogs when trying to adjust and settle in, moving them unnecessarily is not ideal for anyone involved. Our adoptions fees are also non-refundable so please answer truthfully so we can ensure you are being matched with the best dog possible for your lifestyle!

You can select up to 5 dogs on your application, this is to allow you to be considered for more than one dog but we do not adopt more than one dog to applicants at a time so your new dog can be provided with proper integration into your home and cause the least amount of stress for everyone involved.

We often receive a high volume of applications for some of our dogs, the adoptions team will review applications, if your are potentially a match for the dog(s) you have selected, the application is sent to the foster for consideration. If this occurs, you will be notified via email that your application has been sent. The foster will review the applications sent to them and schedule a phone conversation with the application to provide both the foster and the applicant(s) an opportunity to ask questions, learn more information, and get a better understanding of if the selected dog would be a successful match.

If the phone conversation indicates that the applicant may be a successful match, the foster and applicant(s) will make arrangements for a meet and greet. It is important to note that we are all volunteers, including our fosters, often this means working around work and life schedules. If the applicant lives out of town from the foster and dog, arrangements are to be made prior to the meet and greet so that travel can be arranged at the expense of the applicant. We are sometimes able to accommodate meet and greets and finalized adoptions to be done on the same day, however, this is determined on a case by case basis and is subject to the schedules of BARC's core volunteers.

If the meet and greet is successful and the foster determines the applicant is the best possible match for their foster dog, they are to notify the adoptions team of their decision. The adoptions team will then confirm with the applicant that they wish to proceed with the adoption.

If the applicant chooses to proceed with adoption, a home check will be requested (due to COVID-19 restrictions these are often virtual). If the home check is approved, contracts and all medical files we have for the dog will be sent to the applicant to review. After reviewing the contracts and records, if the applicant still wishes to proceed, they will be required to complete the contract and submit a non-refundable adoption fee.

Once contracts have been signed and returned and payment has been confirmed, a release email will be sent to the foster and applicant indicating that the dog can be released. In this release email there is crucial information for the applicant to consider when taking their new family member home, this information includes decompression and suggestions on how to make it successful for everyone involved.

Our process is comprehensive to help us ensure our dogs are going to the best matched home. Our goal is to send our dogs to their forever homes, not just another temporary home, as such, we do not deviate from this process nor do we offer dogs on a first-come, first-serve basis.

If you have already submitted an adoption application you can add/remove selected dogs from the existing application by emailing We are unable to make changes to your application, therefore, if there are significant changes to any of the questions on the application, we ask that you submit a new application.

If you have any questions about the adoptions process, please email